bless this perfect man

i love kanye 

-My Nigga 

i personally always have and always will love Kanye

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Jetzi by Melissa T



“smokes a pack a day, bums them all”

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how do you let go? of emotions of feelings? u constantly put yourself out there to be dissappointed yet again.

i knw they may say im in a rush. that i search to hard for this thing call love no maybe lust. but trust is what i give and what i expect in return. so am i wrong for the way i feel when my heart gets burned.

the most common misconception about guys is that we dont love has hard and as easily as females. we love just as hard and the reasons we treat sme of yall the way that we do is because we were hurt be4 and feel that the only way 2 cover up dis heartache and pain is to make sme other female feel the same way we did…..

played,used,and lied to…so thats why we show no emotions and we no longer give any true love because loves a bitch and thats real. aint no other way around love will fuck you  and leave you just like a real bitch would…if you let it.

so what do you do?do you go into every relationship with your gaurd up expecting the worst and praying for the best? do you past your one true love right by fearing that they may hurt you like the last. heartbreak is easy its putting the peices back together thats the hard part.

so this is the dililema this is the hard part….what do you do when you want something so bad but knw at the same time the possibility of you getting hurt is greater….is the hurt worth the joy you get when your with that person? is 10 minutes of happyness worth 20 of heartbreak and lonelyness.

they say love is for suckers…..they say love is for fools…..but what happens when that same love thats for the suckers and the fools captures you…how much can you take be4 u give in…no matter how tough u may seem every1 wants tht companionship that only a person of the oppisite sex can bring..thats just human nature……

again i pose the same question: what do you do when you want something so bad but you know that the possibility of you getting hurt is greater??


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